Points of interest


The town of Hora (Chora) itself is a place that you should visit! A walk from one end of the town to the other, is well worth the effort. Hora’s medieval town-plan has been preserved unaltered down to the present day!

Among the picturesque typical Greek-Island style houses, one can find dozens of churches, each of which is a small museum. Evangelismos, is a new active convent; it has a significant number of nuns who run important Byzantine icon-painting and vestment-sewing workshops.

An old and very picturesque monastery is Zoodohos Pigi, in the town of Hora. Also, it is worth visiting the several other small monasteries (hermitages) inhabited by Monks from the monastery, located in various enchanting spots around the island.

On the beach of Agios Theologos in Scala stand the remains of the baptistery of St. John the Divine and on the Kastelli Hill are the ruins of the fortification works of the island’s pre-Christian era Acropolis.

There are so much to see in Patmos! So much history and so many wonders of nature. Superb coves, nice sandy and clean beaches, excellent weather and the crystal clear waters of the Aegean Sea make it a must visit island!