How to get at Patmos island


Passenger ferries and large cars that connect the Patmos island with Rhodes and Piraeus (Athens and the rest of the mainland) run daily. It is a 9 hour voyage and it is comfortable and very enjoyable!

The closest airports are those of Samos and Kos islands and a smaller one in Leros island. Steamboats, hydrofoils and many smaller excursion boats sail frequently during the summer days to neighboring islands.

Patmos harbor now has a new jetty and can accommodate private yachts and you will have no problem mooring or refueling your private vessel.

You can get around the island either by bus, taxi or you can rent a car or motor bike and cruise around the island on your own. The island has network of 50 plus kilometers of roads and are all in good condition.

You can reach one of the many beaches by any of the motorboats that sail daily from the port. Alternatively, you may choose to visit one of the nearby islands of Lipsi, Arkii and more.